ORBE Land Network is a consulting firm specializing in high-level investments throughout Mexico, which understands the intrinsic value of land with a strategic development vision, connecting investors with exclusive and off-market land opportunities.

ORBE helps people seeking to diversify specifically the expat community and foreign investors interested in the top luxury of the Mexican real estate market.

The value of land is within the project,
the project is within connections,
connections are within ORBE.

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Riviera Nayarit

Stella Maris Reserves

El Paraíso de Bahía

Andares Grand

La Joya de Cancún

The West Buffa

Punta Blanca

If you are considering investing in Mexico

We are fortunate to count with our strategic partner , a well respected platform that has served the expat community for the past twenty years. Mexperience has received awards from President Fox.
Mexperience offers up to date information to support the foreign community wishing to immigrate or invest in Mexico

Our Allies

Foreign and real estate investment in Mexico is on the rise thanks to its privileged location and the friendly relationship it has with many countries. Multiple treaties with different countries facilitate the exchange of goods and the visit of foreign visitors.

The conversion peso dollar is a great advantage for foreign investors who can no longer purchase real estate in their own countries due to elevated costs.

There are easy protocols in place for foreigners to purchase real estate in Mexico with the added plus that taxes are lower than the fees paid by most Canadians and Europeans.

Mexico has a large population and the average age of our citizens is 26 years of age. Our business models are diverse and 73% of the population is connected to the internet.


Mexico has a strong focus on tourism which has made it possible to position itself as a favorite place for foreigners. Its attractiveness also lies in the ease that one can access quality services at reasonable prices.

Most outstanding about Mexico is its natural beauty. Mexico is considered one of the.
Top five “mega diverse” countries.

It is fifth in the number of plant species, fourth in the number of amphibians and second in the number of mammals and reptiles.